President’s Message

arthur walsh resize Hello friends!

 On behalf of the ERAPPA Board of Directors and the 2019 Host Committee, I have the privilege and honor to         welcome  you to the 69th Annual ERAPPA meeting being held on the picturesque waterfront in Erie, PA.

 Our gracious, talented and dedicated KAPPA Host Committee, chaired by Beth Clark (Penn State University) and Pete   Buchheit (University of Pittsburgh Bradford), has been tirelessly planning and organizing for over three years to bring   you an exceptional conference filled with opportunities to grow your knowledge and professional network, equipping   you to Chart Your Course.

 The professional development sessions you will experience are not theory-based hypothesises; they are real-world   experiences and solutions presented by experts in our field – you, our members! ERAPPA members are always   willing  to share their knowledge and help each other. For this, we are very fortunate and most appreciative.

The formal professional development program continues with our keynote speaker, Olympic gold medalist Adam Kreek, who knows what it takes, and will inspire all of us, to operate at our peak performance. And there is no one better to motivate you when facing unparalleled change than our plenary speaker, futurist Jack Ulrdich. This relevant and timely educational program will not disappoint!

The education continues with our Business Partners. As always, this annual meeting will provide you several opportunities to meet with our business partners, to seek guidance and solutions to the challenges you are facing at your institution. Conveniently assembled under one roof in the Hall of Resources, you will find a wide variety of solution providers. At ERAPPA, we do not refer to this group of professionals as vendors or product/service representatives because they are so much more than that – indeed they have proven time and again to be our partners! They know our industry and they are much more interested in working with us to implement solutions and making advancements than merely making sales. It is only through the generous and consistent support of our business partners that we can offer such a high caliber conference. Please take the time to stop by their booths and you will experience firsthand their knowledge and passion for what we do, as well as their willingness to help.

It is often noted that many productive relationships, and even friendships, are formed at ERAPPA. These are contacts you can call on anytime during the year to help you address the professional challenges you are facing. The venues and social events the Host Committee has been able to line up are amazing on their own but are also an excellent opportunity to keep the conversations and learning going in a casual, fun environment.

With the knowledge you will gain, and the professional contacts and friendships renewed or formed, ERAPPA 2019 will provide you much of what you need when you get back home and set out to Chart Your Course!

The Board and Host Committee are excited to welcome you, and look forward to seeing you in Erie, PA.

Arthur Walsh
ERAPPA President 2018-2019
Director of Finance and Administration, Dalhousie University